Technical Solutions

When things go wrong (and if they do it’s always at the worst time for your business) it’s reassuring to know that one call will generate a fuss-free response from a team of dedicated IT professionals. It is this fuss and jargon-free approach that makes our clients think of us as part of their organisation. However, as professionals in our field, we bring a wealth of experience (geeky to some) that ensures support of the highest professional standard and guaranteed to give you some of the advantages usually only available with much larger companies.

The range of IT support and computer services that we provide is not only comprehensive but forward thinking and innovative. For those thinking that IT support is expensive, we go out of our way to ensure we deliver affordable solutions that make JE3 a highly accountable resource.

We offer clients full technical support for a wide range of systems, to help our customers we are flexible and offer both ad-hoc and contract based support including maintenance and 24/7. We welcome the opportunity to tailor a bespoke support solution to meet your specific business requirements.

Strategic Consultancy

Nearly every business relies on its IT infrastructure, which means that IT strategy is indelibly linked with business strategy. JE3 IT professionals never work in isolation; we will always discuss the needs of your organisation with you before we recommend or implement any new IT deployment, or changes to your existing infrastructure. This is the essence of partnership; we seek to understand you and your organisation, so that the solutions we provide work hard and effectively for you.