Network Installations

Every change you make to a network has implications for its performance, and the operational demands faced by businesses these days mean that networks are changing constantly. Only the largest organisations can afford to have the necessary expertise and resources in-house; for most businesses, a professional specialist partner is the most cost-effective way to ensure their infrastructures are performing consistently and effectively.

Speed and reliability are the core requirements for network performance. These days, the new dimension of mobility has added fresh demands, with more and more people working remotely or needing secure access to the business network from home. JE3 can build an advanced infrastructure for your business, giving fast access to the Internet for everyone who needs it, intelligent and secure remote access via VPN for mobile workers, and security built-in to the fabric of the network to protect your essential business data, keeping downtime to a minimum.


Network Support

To us, partnership means building networks with a view to fulfilling the long-term needs of our customers and providing the support and maintenance required for the life of the infrastructure.

The service and support provided by JE3 is proactive and reactive. We will keep your network up to date with the latest operating system and security patches and fixes, and we will be there to troubleshoot the problems that inevitably affect a hard-working network from time to time.

When we take on an existing installation, we begin by applying professional network testing and management tools to bring it to JE3 performance standards. We can then provide a three-tier service ranging from telephone helpdesk support, through to remote access and on-site visits.