Network Security

Security is a compromise, online and in the real world. The critical balance is the compromise between the amount you spend on security systems and the true nature of the risk to your network and your business.

JE3 will help you design and implement a security policy that protects your key business assets, without committing you to unnecessary expenditure. In particular, we will ensure that the security systems you put in place will lock out threats without significantly compromising the performance of the network.

You will need the essentials of antivirus and firewall protection, but you will also need to consider an anti-spam strategy and web content filtering. One of the most significant threats facing organisations these days is the legal action that can arise through the deliberate or accidental downloading of offensive or illegal content.

With JE3, you have the peace of mind that comes from a well-maintained and professional network security deployment, keeping your business fully operational and protecting your network and your data from the random and malicious threats that stalk the Internet.


Firewalls and Internet Security

If you are connected to the Internet, you need a firewall. A firewall provides the essential access control required to protect your organisation against random and deliberate attempts to penetrate your network.

JE3 security professionals will equip your business with a software firewall or a dedicated appliance, depending on the needs of your organisation. We will configure it to provide robust security against network threats while giving authorised members of your team free and easy access to the resources and services they need. We will also manage and maintain your firewall deployment, making sure that it evolves with the needs of the business and continues to provide the appropriate levels of protection and control.



A firewall is your first line of defence, but you need antivirus systems as well to protect against viruses, spyware, Trojans and other malware circulating the Internet. JE3 uses industry-standard cloud and/or on-premises endpoint security to provide strong protection against threats entering your network from the web, via email or even from USB drives or floppy disks. We will also remove the burden of maintenance and management from you, keeping all your installations up to date through our remote management service. You can also come to us for help with an infection; we will clean out your systems, restore them to as near perfect as possible, and put the protection in place that will help to prevent a similar problem in the future.